Press X to initiate a magic field. You can place it in one of the four directions as long as there's no wall there. 

Press the corresponding arrow key to create the magic field!

They let you CREATE PLATFORMS over spikes, PHASE through statues and STORE them. To store a statue, you need to open a field, then push the statute onto it and close it. Pay attention to your bunny's eyes as this happens.

X - action

Z - undo

R - restart level

arrow keys - move

StatusIn development
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags8-Bit, PuzzleScript
Average sessionA few minutes


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really cool puzzle game, is this still in development? can't find anything about it online.

Thanks! I've been kind of quiet for a while, but yeah, I've been working on the full version of it! I'm planning to start posting more about it here and on twitter pretty soon >>

Completed the game! Definitely the best sokoban variation I played this year (2018). Such an excellent mechanic and tightly designed puzzles =)

Are you still working on an expanded version?

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Great game! Love the minimalism of the puzzles. I found this via the witness blog. Can you please confirm if this level is solvable? 

(given it's titled prototype, I don't want to be pulling my hair out on a puzzle that isn't solvable!) thank you =)

Hey, thank you! 

Sorry I'm only replying now, maybe you've figured it out by yourself by now :) But yes it's 100% solvable, by combining some of the mechanics introduced in earlier levels. You got this :)

Oh foolish me! Of course. I can see it now. thanks!